Empowering practitioners, transforming systems

We support practitioner-led change, enabling them to create the necessary changes that allow for increased time spent in direct practice. By addressing barriers within the system, our work improves job satisfaction, boosts morale, and enhances the overall well-being of practitioners.

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The challenge

The current children’s social care system does not always prioritise relationships between practitioners and children and families, nor does it enable practitioners to do their best work. We recognised this needed to change.


of their time with children and families with approximately 80% spent on paperwork and navigating bureaucracy.

BASW, 2020


of social workers shared a focus on targets rather than resolving issues for people was a cause of job-related stress.

Social Work England, 2020


of practitioners surveyed citing the amount of paperwork being a reason and 20% saying it was because they could not make the best use of their skills and experience.

Department for Education, 2019

Download our impact report

In January 2023 we launched our first impact report. We were fortunate to partner with Warrington Borough Council, London Borough of Wandsworth and London Borough of Tower Hamlets. This report details the work we completed together in our pilot year.

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About us

Crescendo is dedicated to reimagining children’s social care

Crescendo’s work started from a position of hope and optimism for the future of children’s social care. Built on the first-hand experience of seeing practitioners do their best to support and protect children and families every day, the Crescendo team are working to help create the conditions needed for relationship-based social work to thrive.

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Our approach

Our approach prioritises the voice of practitioners and unlocks their potential

We enable them to make the small changes which can make a big difference to the amount of time they spend with children and families. We then build on small changes and what has been learned to co-design a different way of working alongside social workers and leaders.


Crescendo’s approach leads to staff feeling empowered, motivated and connected with the purpose of their roles

87.5% of practitioners in Wandsworth believed that small changes had positively impacted how valued they felt in their role to a moderate or large extent.